StumbleUpon -- Scribble Upon


While everyone else in the known world appeared to be on the streets shopping today, I poked around randomly -- and stumbled upon StumbleUpon, because someone apparently linked my blog on the site. I have not quite figured out how to link up on my site (that html code stuff makes me crazy) but I did register, downloaded the firefox toolbar widget and played around today. Here are a few of the inspirational (or at least entertaining) sites I was stumbled onto.

Wildcard --makes beautiful lines and mysterious music as you move your cursor

Penweb -- A quite strangely haunting digital animation

Art and Personality Test -- Take this test and see how your art preferences and your personality relate 

And finally, the best of the bunch. I can see generating incredibly interesting drawings to use as thermofax screens or silk screens with these drawings. I can't wait to get home and see how well I can get them to print. (Pam, you are going to like this one!) Click on the Scribbler settings to have even more fun with color, line width and other variables.

Scribbler -- a fabulous generative illustration tool. I wanted to make screen grabs and print some of these experiements. 

Scribbler is one of a number of intriguing interactive toys by zefrank.